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The Marvellous Crochet Outfits For Newborns!

The Marvellous Crochet Outfits For Newborns!

Rebecca Groh uses her creativity with Crochet and became a woman behind the famous Stitch&Click Photography. Her forte is crocheting beautiful outfits for newborn babies and then capturing them beautifully in Photographs. 

Groh's recent work is something not to ignore. She launched her Disney character collection and stun everyone with her creativity. Have a look at her collection.


This Alice in Wonderland theme is made from all the scratch.

A little prince's perfect picture. She looks like a little Mermaid.

Not only Aurora is the sleeping beauty.

This outfit resembles with outfits of the movie Beauty and the Beast!

While shooting Rebecca prefers that the babies be sleeping:

"We want [the] baby to sleep peacefully throughout the session. Sleeping newborns are much easier to pose and the blissful sweetness of a sleeping baby is much of what makes newborn pictures so beautiful."