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Video: What I Want To Say But What Actually Say

Video: What I Want To Say But What Actually Say

Before talking about others, let's start with you. There are many times when we want to say something but in eagerness or nervousness say something else. Yes, it happens to everyone that many times in pressure we say many things that we shouldn't say. 

For an example, when a mother calls her son and asks him to get married. Though boy doesn't want to get married and instead of denying, say yes. There are many such types of situations we face in our life in which we want to say something but we do say something else. In this case, recently a video has been uploaded by YouTube channel, FilterCopy and it is too funny.

This video has so far received 151,269 views and it is getting viral very fast. In this video, you will see Bollywood actor Rajkummar Rao whose recent film Newton has been sent to the Oscars.

So, watch the video of FilterCopy.

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