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A Couple Has Not Been Eating Anything Since 2008

A Couple Has Not Been Eating Anything Since 2008

We see many people, hear about many people and sometimes meet many people who are very unusual. Unusual doesn't mean they are abnormal but they are different from others or their actions make them different from others.

So, today we are going to meet you with a couple who has been living without eating anything since the last 9 years. 

California's 34-year-old Camilla Castello and her husband Akahy Rikardo, have a medication that they have not eaten anything since last 9 years. However, these couple has occasionally eaten something to taste.



Actually, they are not eating anything since 2008. Since the last 3 years, they have not even eaten a grain of food. Actually this whole process is called Brethren process. In which people have to quit eating slowly. This couple has done the sam

Even Camila did not eat anything during her pregnancy. Whereas during pregnancy, pregnant women have more food for infant health. Despite this, Camilla gave birth to more healthy​ than normal child.