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Know About 5 Celebrities Who Have Died Fighting With AIDS

Know About 5 Celebrities Who Have Died Fighting With AIDS

AIDS is a deadly disease and its treatment is yet not discovered by the doctors and scientists. Every year millions of people worldwide die due to AIDS. Though at an early stage, this disease can be treated no one can do anything once the time run out. There are not only common people but also there are some celebrities who have lost their lives due to AIDS.

Today, we are going to tell you about some of the Celebrities who have died due to AIDS.

1 - Nisha Noor

The 80s famed actor, Nisha Noor, had given many hit films in the South Industry but after being defamed by the false accusations of prostitution, she left the film industry. According to the report, people had found her unconscious on the side of road. After that she was admitted to the hospital where she was diagnosed with AIDS and she died in 2007.

2 - Pablo Zamora

Pablo Zamora was a person who spoke openly on issues like AIDS and Gay life on TV. Homosexuality was considered crime in the US several years ago. But at that time, Pablo had courageously told the world about being gay and suffering with AIDS. Pablo died on 11 November 1994 due to AIDS.

3 - Jia Sarang

Supermodel Jiya Sarang was killed at the age of 26. Due to pneumonia, Jia was admitted to the hospital where doctors found that Jia was suffering from AIDS and shortly after she lost her life.

4 - Arthur Ashe

Arthur Ashe was a great American tennis player. He was the first tennis player to win the US Wimbledon. When he came to know about his illness, he took many steps to make people aware. Arthur died in 1993 after fighting with AIDS.