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Amazing! The Village Of 350 Pair Of Twins

Amazing! The Village Of 350 Pair Of Twins

You have heard many stories about twins and you have also seen many twins. But today we are going to tell you about a place which is called the complete town of twins. Yes, this is a fact and today we are talking about Kodinhi village in Malappuram district of Kerala.

This village is also known as the VILLAGE OF TWINS.

It is said that there are about 350 twins living in the village who are from the newborn to 65 years of age. Not only where 4 pairs of births occur on every 1,000 children at the global level, but in Kodinhi, 45 pairs of twins are born on every 1000 children. Although this average is second in the world.

Kodinhi village is a Muslim dominated village with a population of about 2000. In this village, anyone can see twins roaming in the house, school, market. In 2008, 15 twins were born on 300 births.

Moreover, not only twins but also the birth of 3 lookalike can be seen in this village.