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Amusing Facts To Know About Women

Amusing Facts To Know About Women

Understanding girls are not only difficult, but it is impossible. Boys are also aware of this fact that it is too difficult to understand a girl. There are many questions that come in mind of boys that why women do such things. But the boys never get the answers to these questions. In such a way, today we are going to tell you some similar things about girls, which the boys cannot understand at all. 

It has often been seen that if a boy is going out for five days trip, he only packs clothes for three days but if the girl is going out for five days then she will pack clothes for 25 days. Why?

A girl fascinates a man with her beauty but she never accepts or presents her feeling for a boy. Why?

Women should not get pregnant before marriage in India, but in America, 40% of women become mothers before marriage. Why?

Women speak 20K words in a day but men only 13K. Haha!

Women use one year of their lifetime in deciding what to wear. What!