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Are You Carrying A Right Suitcase?

Are You Carrying A Right Suitcase?

Suitcase comes with so many variations in shape, size, weight, material, colour, wheels and locks, where do you start buying something that not only comfortably carries your clothes but withstands the punishment inflicted by baggage handlers, hard terrain such as cobblestones and potential theft.

Here are some tips to make your choice easier.

Big Is not always Better

Bigger isn’t always better and, while you might fit most of your wardrobe into a monster 72cm unit, a more compact 62cm case is better. Not only will you clear an airline’s weight limit but the smaller bag will be easier to lift and lug around.

Lockable suitcase

: I only travel with a lockable suitcase. A TSA-approved padlock looped through the tiny rings on each zip’s slider is enough to deter anyone keen to commit a crime of opportunity.


colour is a crucial factor and travellers should go for a bag in a bright colour or loud pattern. Not only will it avoid mistaken identity on the baggage carousel, because a conspicuous bright-yellow suitcase is less likely to get stolen at even the most basic airport, but it will also make your bag easily identifiable to concierges.

Two Wheels or Four Wheels

Wheeled units make up almost 70 per cent of all suitcases sold these days and the biggest decision is whether to pay for something with two wheels or four. The advantage of a pair is they sit slightly recessed so are protected from damage, but the energy needed to drag a full load stresses shoulders and backs. A “spinner case’’ with four wheels is easier to manoeuvre and control in a crowd but they do have the tendency to slide away on even the slightest slope.

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