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5 Popular Brands Which Made Cross Culture Blunder In Other Countries!

5 Popular Brands Which Made Cross Culture Blunder In Other Countries!

Many brands which are famous in India, as well as outside, have faced a cross culture blunder while promoting their brand names! We might know the meaning of the brand's name in our country but we never the exact thing could mean in other countries around the globe. Well, this makes it very important for a company to check all the pros and cons of that particular name.  The meaning of that particular product may be good here while its meaning outside the country could be vulgar and totally out of our imagination just as the case with the popular brands below...


Pinto is a Car Name which actually signifies Small Penis in Brazil!

For example:-


launched a new product known as PINTO in 1971. This brand which is known for selling cars, failed to launch its product in Brazil because the brand's name “pinto” actually is slang for “small penis” there.


Pepsi's slogan in Chinese stands for Bringing People Back from Grave!

PEPSI, UNITED STATES Pepsi is famous brand that sell cold drinks. It was established in 1868 in United States. It failed to launch its product in china as the slogan of this product say “Come alive with Pepsi generation” which actually in china stands for “Pepsi will bring your ancestors back from the grave”. This actually sounds funny and pointless!


KFC's slogan says its finger licking good which in Chinese Translates to Eating your Own Fingers!


Kfc is known for selling fried chicken and was established in 1930 in United States. It is also recognized as one of those brands who dida huge cross culture blunder! It made a slogan which says “its finger licking good” which actually translates in china as “eating your own finger” which is actually a bizarre thing!


The letter 'F'


Vicks a brand used for medication purpose, it made a blunder in Germany too.

The letter “H” is sounded as “F” in German language which is a guttural equivalent to slang knows as “sexual intercourse.