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Celebrities Who Once Suffered From Kleptomania

Celebrities Who Once Suffered From Kleptomania

Kangana Ranaut is going to play a complex role in her forthcoming movie Simran. In this movie, she will be seen as an NRI Gujarati girl who is involved in theft and gambling addiction. Kangana himself admitted in an interview that she had a habit of stealing.

The habit of stealing is called Kleptomania. Due to this disease, people get used to stealing things and there are many celebrities who are victims of the kleptomaniac and have disclosed this in several times in their own interview.

So, let's know about the Celebrities who had a habit of stealing things.

Britney Spears:

Britney Spears used to steal things from stores in her childhood.

Winona Ryder:

Rider was caught stealing goods worth 5000 dollars from the store once after the shopping, after which she had to pay a fine of $ 6355.

Lindsey lohan:

Lindsay Lohan also had a fame at a very young age, but also became drugs addict. Lindsay was caught stealing necklace from a California store.

Farrah Fawcett:

The 70's Charlie's Angels Star was caught stealing dresses from two different boutiques.