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Select the right hair brush according to your hair type

Select the right hair brush according to your hair type

Let me tell you that one of the key reasons for hair fall and breakage is your hairbrush. No matter how many different oils or hair masks you try, a wrong hairbrush for your hair type can cause more damage than you think.  In this article, we will tell you the right brush and come according to hair type.

Paddle brush

This brush is best for straight hair. It helps to remove all the tangles with ease. The brush provides a cushion, gathers hair and smooths out easily. This brush is also good for thick hair. And when it comes to long hair, this brush makes the task easier with the extra surface on the brush.

Wide-tooth comb

If you have curly hair, then using a brush is a big no. A brush can break the pattern of your curls and even cause breakage. Instead, you should use a wide-tooth comb for your hair. It helps to define the curls. This comb is also perfect for wet hair to detangle snarls and snags.

Oval Brush

If you have fine and thin hair, then this brush is perfect for your hair type. The rubber surface is not harsh on your hair and it helps to detangle without any breakage.

Metal Round Brush

This salon-favourite brush is the perfect choice for giving your hair more bounce and volume. It can be used on straight hair for styling. When used with a blow dryer, the barrel heats and acts like a curler or straightener. However, using this brush requires a lot of practice and expertise.