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Reuse Your Favourite Old Jeans

Reuse Your Favourite Old Jeans

If you're the one who doesn't want to leave your favorite jeans, also can't wear it. So, what to do? In such condition, you can Reuse your old jeans and keep with you for more time. 

Reusing is always the best option instead of throwing away your old jeans. You can re use it in a new style. Let's know how you can reuse old jeans:

1. USE JEANS POCKET: Firstly, cut the pocket of jeans and use it to keep your stationary items i.e., pens, pencil etc.

2. USE AS NAPKINS: If you don't want to waste money! Cut the largest part of jeans, stitch it from all side and can use it as napkin.

3. USE AS COASTERS: Don't want coffee stains on your table! then cut the part of denim and use it as denim coasters.

4. USE AS NOTEBOOK: For the diary lovers! This hack is for you. You can creatively use denim as notebook cover.