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Companies Which Have Some Cool Rules

Companies Which Have Some Cool Rules

There are many offices around the world which are known for their own quality. Every company has its own rules which are made by the companies' owners and it is mandatory to follow them.

But today the rules of companies that we are talking about super cool that you will be surprised to know and you will also want these rules to be followed by your company. Let's know.


1. American Express-  Here employees are asked to use public transport to reduce pollution. The company is in South Asia. And there is also a tradition that employees do not come to the office on Tuesday.

2. Future Group-

This company is from Mumbai, where employees can work when they want to do it but they have to work for eight hours and then they will do it anytime.

3. PricewaterhouseCoopers-

Employees are given every possible facility in this company.

4. Coca Cola-

If employees come half an hour before to office hour, then they can leave the office before half an hour.

5. KMPG-

This company has only mean to get its work complete. No matter from where, employees complete it.