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"The Present"- A Short Film Shown In 180 Film Festivals With 50 Total Awards!

Finally, it's time to share this mind-boggling short film which is a very successful festival circuit, running on over 180 film festivals and holding more than 50 awards. The film is a great little comic strip by the very talented Fabio Coala.

"The Present" is a short film by the Institute of Animation, Visual Effects and Digital Postproduction at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg in Ludwigsburg, Germany. The film witnesses a little boy in a dingy room engrossed in playing a video game. Seeing the obsession towards video games his mother decides to bring a big gift. To know what was in the gift you need to watch this short film...

For now, you can see the trailer here...

The Present A Short Film By Fabio Coala