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Why Only Men Are Allowed On This Island Of Japan!

Why Only Men Are Allowed On This Island Of Japan!

There are many historical and mysterious places in the world. A similar mystical island is located in Japan. On this island which is called Okinoshimo only men have the liberty to go. Here women are forbidden to enter. This unique island spreads over 240 acres.


Recently, this island has been included in World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This island is about 2000 years old. During the fourth and ninth century, the island was used as trading port. Actually there is a temple of God of the sea on this island. A priest takes care of this temple, who is also the only resident of this island. The special thing is that before coming to worship in this temple, men take bath naked.

According to Munakata Taisha, priest of the temple, women's restrictions should not be linked to gender. Years ago this ban was imposed for their protection. Now only those traditions are being followed. This island only opens for one day. Even then only men are allowed to come here.