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This is What Ekta Kapoor Serials are All About! Do you Agree?

This is What Ekta Kapoor Serials are All About! Do you Agree?

If there would be any theory behind Indian daily soaps than it might be an epic fail because there is no logic behind the serials of Ekta Kapoor. Anyone can die and take rebirth as it is a common phenomenon of her serials. You can never relate your real life with those stupid serials (You should not even!).

There is no sign of logic and sense in her serials, everything happens is either so much exaggerated or so much lame that you cannot even accept (I mean super fictitious to even understand). Somewhere she has point but later the story of the opera takes the turns which you have not imagined. It could be a comeback of the dead man or that wacky sounds at the background and sometimes that immortal 'BAA' in kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi!

Here are some of the funniest stuff that completely defines the serial of Ekta Kapoor...


A Fight becomes War in her serial


The Vamps are so much projected that you wonder whether she is a lead or a vamp


By the way! Where is this immortal BAA( Daadi maa) Is she even alive in real? Because she was immortal in serial

endless gold

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction! 

Ekta Kapoor has diligently followed the law. Here, every action has more than equal reactions. Zoom in, zoom out. Zoom in again, zoom out again. Repeat for all the characters present in the room, till audience nauseous.