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Make your stay more comfortable like home with these amazing: Homestays

Make your stay more comfortable like home with these amazing:   Homestays

It is really hard to find good and hygienic hotels, if you are travelling in remote location of India. I think staying in someone homes is always a better idea rather than staying in any unhygienic hotels or filthy hostels of backpackers. In this article we will tell you some very good home stay across India.








Arunachal Pradesh

This cosy bungalow, made entirely of wood, has been built in a style typical of the region. The main building has the bedrooms and other living spaces, and another structure houses the kitchen, which is the centre of family activity. Mrs. Chada plies guests with traditional Arunachali fare with ingredients either sourced locally or picked from their garden where the Chadas grow a variety of fruits and vegetables including the infamous bhut jholokia chilli, white pumpkin, tomatoes, lettuce, beans and herbs.


The living root bridges in Cherrapunji are a truly incredible sight. Each of them has been patiently created over a period of 15 to 20 years by local Khasi tribes who intertwine the roots of the Ficus Elastica tree with pieces of wood to make them grow in a particular direction over streams and rivers. You have to walk over 3,000 steps down to see the magnificent structures, alongside which is the basic but clean Serene Home stay where you can spend a couple of days before making the trek back up. Serene is the only place to stay in the gorge, and while you shouldn’t expect much apart from a bed, common bathroom and simple food, you can spend your time exploring the forest nearby, taking dips in clear pools of water and marvelling at the wondrous bridges right outside your balcony.

The Palace Utelia, Utelia Gujarat

Built at the turn of the twentieth-century by the Vaghela Rajput clan, The Palace Utelia is typical of the Indo-Saracenic architectural style and features five domes, pillared galleries, balconies and porticos. The rooms are treasure troves of antiques with magnificent carved doors, four-poster beds and tiled bathrooms the size of a small apartment. There is also some traditional Gujarati-style decor such as low seating, vibrant wall hangings an ornate swing, which adds colour to the otherwise formal setting. Each of the rooms on the first floor has a balcony from where you can survey the tiny village of Utelia and the family’s fields that stretch as far as the eye can see. The palace was damaged severely during the Bhuj earthquake of 2001 and is being painstakingly restored piece by piece. One of its best features is the back portico, where you can take your meals or tea served by well-trained staff and surrounded by a verdant garden. If you’re a history buff, know that the amazing excavation site of Lothal, an important seaport from the Indus Valley Civilisation, is only about eight kms away by car.

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