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Get Naughty with Paris

Get Naughty with Paris

The capital city of France, Paris known to be the most romantic city in the world also happens to be the sinful seductress! Paris’ nightlife is one of the most vivacious in the world with the most famous cabarets that mesmerize millions of revelers who visit the city every year. The city offers everything, from art and culture to historical imprints, but you all already know about it and are probably bored of them by now! So well we are taking you to Paris because it is “Las Vegas” of the Europe and show you how big boys (and sassy gals!) do this city and while we are talking “sin”, the French food cannot be skipped. So right after the Paris Adult attractions, we take you straight on the sinful French gourmet tour you just don’t want to miss!

Lido de Paris… the Classier Moulin Rouge

Lido de Paris is probably the most famous establishment after Moulin Rouge. It is situated at Champs-Elysees, one of the most attractive neighborhoods in Paris, particularly in the night. Lido is famous for its dance and musical shows. Every night, it hosts shows where showgirls are dressed up in the most exotic and exquisite costumes.

Paradis Latin …. Napoleon’s Personal Theatre of Dance

Here you would find the shows very intriguing as most of the male and female artists perform completely naked. However the dancing and artistic references are not always filled with sexual innuendos, it is more like an adult circus.

Crazy Horse Cabaret…. Go Crazy with the Tease

There are cabarets in Paris where you can see stage performances by naked dancers, moving and swaying their body in a classy yet seductive manner nad crazy horse is one of them. The iconic Crazy Horse was opened for the public in 1951.