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Guidelines for parents and students to handle the Examination Pressure.

Guidelines for parents and students to handle the Examination Pressure.

We all have been to this phase of life. Yes, the super-stressful time of the year is here once again. Blame it on the increasing competition or sometimes, parental pressure, exam stress is ever growing and tension brews every year.Because the level of competition is getting tougher every passing year. Even after studying for a whole year, a child is assessed with a few-hour test. Examinations are no longer seen as a positive challenge, rather they have become a way to judge students on just one perspective: How well they have done in their academics?This is the time that you should support your child so that he or she able to handle the pressure and give his or her best in the examination.

Tips for parents

As much as the pressure brews on children, so it does for the parents who too get stressed and tensed. The simple tip is: rather than freaking out, help your child stay stress-free and help him with his studies.

Talk To Your Children

Often parents leave their children in an aloof room so as to make them concentrate on their curriculum. Indeed, your child needs peace and concentration, but ensures they shouldn’t be left alone for a longer duration. Don’t stop them from playing for at least an hour or if they want to indulge in any other activity, let them do that. Also, talk to them about exam stress if you sense any discomfort. This would help them in relieving stress and anxiety.

IT’S Okay If Their Room Is Messy

If your child leaves room messy, that’s okay. Don’t pressurize them for extra chores. Remember, they are already stressed and making them do little things will not give them space, when they can focus on their studies.

Reassure Your Child of Your Love and Affection

Even if there is no parental pressure, students still become nervous and stressful. This is quite natural and the right time when you can reassure your children of your love and support. Try to boost their confidence and make them understand that exams are not an end for them.