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Hey! Do you know how these 4 food items are grown?

Hey! Do you know how these 4 food items are grown?

Today we will talk about farming. But this may not be your centre of interest. Their journey from the farm to the plate can be quite fascinating. While most of us know that tea is made from leaves that are plucked in a way two leaves are plucked along with a bud, then dried and processed at various stages till the final product is packed and sent for sale and that the coffee is derived from the coffee beans. So come to the point, ok we all want healthy life style and good health for that we all love eating healthy fruits and veggies. But we never think about how they are grown. You will be surprised to know that your favourite chakna (peanut) is grown below the ground, while its flower blooms above the ground.  


Surprisingly, peanuts grow in a very unusual manner. The peanut flowers grow above the ground, but the peanut grows below the ground. Isn’t it amazing?


Vanilla is actually the fruit of an orchid. It naturally grows in Mexico and Central America because the bee which is used to polinate the vanilla is found here. In other places vanilla is grown with artificial pollination.


Dates grow in a big cluster underneath the palm tree. They are majorly grown in warm regions like California and Florida.


Cinnamon is an Indian spice obtained from the inner bark of the tree. One tree is cultivated for almost two years and then the tree is ready to give the final spice.

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