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This Dad and Daughter's Beauty And The Beast Photo Shoot is Awe-inspiring!

This Dad and Daughter's Beauty And The Beast Photo Shoot is Awe-inspiring!

Every dad wants to treat his daughter like a princess, but this dad wanted to show her daughter that she really is very special, so he did something which would make you go aww!

One young lady in Salt Lake City, Utah, is living out her very own fairy tale — and has got some amazing photos to prove it as well. The images you see here are actually composites. Josh Rossi who is a photographer as well as a father cute daughter, spent seven days traveling through Europe in search of the perfect backdrops to stand in for Belle's provincial village and the Beast's enchanted castle ("I had some miles ... My wife pushed me to do it!" he said of the trip).

The father speaks about the incident, "The best part was she had practiced wearing the dress and doing the part where Belle comes down the stairs."

 "When we played the music and started re-enacting the scene, she just lit up. I was getting teary-eyed; my wife was getting teary-eyed. It was such a cute moment."

Dad and Daughter

And, of course, there is that perfect photo of her dancing with her father. When I put on my blue coat, she got so excited, he said. Being there with her dad ... It almost felt like a wedding dance. It was so special.

Beauty and the beast

The story of Beauty and The Beast has such an amazing message of true love and being accepted that I wanted to recreate the scenes with my daughter. I also wanted to create something my daughter would have forever that showed the fun relationship and the love I have for her.

Beauty and Beast Behind The shoots