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Indian Government Is All Set To Launch Note Of Rupee 200

Indian Government Is All Set To Launch Note Of Rupee 200

The government has once again reminded the pain of demonetization with publishing the new note of 50 rupees. However, this is a relieved news because there is a lot of problem due to a shortage of small currency note in the market since the note captive. In order to further reduce the problem, the government is now rolling a note of 200 rupees in the market.

The printing has also been started. RBI has taken this decision with the finance ministry. An official attached to the printing of notes has himself confirmed that the printing of 200 note has been started. After that these notes are expected to come on the market soon.

And the time has come when the note of 200 rupees will be launched in market. As per the reports, On 25th August, this currency will come in the market.

These notes are being brought to the market to end the problem of small currency. Since there is no currency between 500 and 2000 notes. Apart from this, the Supreme Court has also given another chance to deposit notes of 500 and 1000 notes.