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Most Appealing Nail Arts Designs| Let Your Nails Do the Talks!!

Most Appealing Nail Arts Designs| Let Your Nails Do the Talks!!

Nail art isn't a thing which is confined to only coloring, trimming and filling, it is much more diverse than this, and the girly girls know this better! These days nail art trends have literally taken the game to next level than the time when there wasn't anything more than coloring the nails when it came to their embellishment. Today girls have brought a completely new concept of manicures as well as polishing or coloring of nails to give their nails a facelift or we must say a naillift! (wink)

Coloring with various designs, glitters, 3D work, shimmering stones, flowers and much more have become the newest ingredients of nail art to make it look attractive. Well, if you too are a girl who lets your nails express your creativity, individuality, innovation, fashion, humor and more then this one's for you! Just have a look to some of the most appealing nail arts who you would love to have on your nails...

blue and orange nail art

1. wwwoowww, Orange spots on blue base is something exciting!

black and white nail art design

2. Simple, white and black checks doesn't make you old-fashioned but chic!

pink nail art

3. For pink lovers, or you can spot it on Valentines to woo your love!

strawberry nail art

4. Ahh, strawberries on Nails is so Exotic! (but don't feel hungry every time watching your nails)