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9 Most Weird Restaurants You Must Visit At Once

9 Most Weird Restaurants You Must Visit At Once

The restaurant where all of us like to go to eat various dishes in a stunning environment. Whether there is a birthday party, wedding anniversary, engagement, promotion party or any other party we all like to go to different restaurants where the atmosphere and food are both amazing.

But, today we are going to tell you about 9 Most weird restaurant around the world.

1. Dinner In The Sky of Canada:

This restaurant opens at night and they crane their guests for a beautiful floating dinner 15 feet from the ground.

2. The Bubble Room of Captiva Island, Florida:

This restaurant was built in 1979. Painted with bright pastel colours and it features toys of 1930’s. Decorates with pictures of old movies and scenes.

3. Modern Toilet of Taipei:

This restaurant is based on quite weird theme i.e., toilet. They serve food on miniature toilets.

4. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant of Maldives:

This is a underwater restaurant. Guests sit 15 feet underwater and enjoy their food by seeing water world.