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Only 8 Pilots Can Land Plane At This World's​ Dangerous Airport

Only 8 Pilots Can Land Plane At This World's? Dangerous Airport

There are many wonderful and beautiful airports around the world. But today we are going to tell you about such an airport which is beautiful as well as dangerous. Because of this, it is also called the world's most dangerous airport. This is Bhutan's Paro Airport.

Boeing, an aircraft manufacturer, has described it as one of the world's most expensive and dangerous airports. This airport is situated between the mountains and only 8 pilots from all over the world are capable to land the plane on this airport. To reach this airport you have to go through 18,000 feet high.

Apart from this, the airport runway is only 6,500 feet long. This makes the airport even more dangerous. Landing and takeoff are permitted only at this airport only in the day. Every year, on an average 30 thousand tourists use this airport.