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Small town Travel Destinations for History Buffs: Khuldabad, Aurangzeb and the Ethiopian

Small town Travel Destinations for History Buffs: Khuldabad, Aurangzeb and the Ethiopian

Let’s discover some UNESCO world heritage caves of Ajanta and Ellora, along with the towering Daulatabad Fort, and many more historical places. 


Having climbed Daulatabad, The simple white marble slab above his grave is surrounded by four marble walls, intricate and elegant, with no roof. The inscription, the caretaker translates, tells you that the pious ruler didn’t want a roof to separate him from the sky.


Known as the Valley of the Saints, is most famous for being the final resting place of the last ruler of one of the greatest empires Hindustan had ever seen. It is also a deeply religious and spiritual place as it was the home of two important Muhammadeen saints, Burhan-ud-din and Zain-ud-din. Tiny little Khuldabad also holds the tombs of Asaf Shah, the founder of the Nizam dynasty of Hyderabad, his son, and various members and consorts of Aurangzeb’s clan Outskirts of Khuldabad which was green and quiet, peeking into a few tombs and smiling at the occasional curious villagers whiling away their time by the wayside. One of the tombs, which was fairly well maintained, caught our fancy and we went inside the gated compound to have a closer look. The tomb was simple without too much detailing or carvings on the outside and was in much better shape than many of the others.

Malik Ambar

Malik Ambar, or Chapu as he was known at birth, was the Ethiopian who thwarted and irritated the Mughals for decades, and has today been largely forgotten. Indian history, in celebrating great warriors like Shivaji or Tipu Sultan, has neglected to mention the dark skinned Ethiopian slave, sold by his parents, who found himself in the dusty plains of the Deccan and rose to be a great military mind and leader.

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