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The Biggest Buried Secret Of Mahabharata

The Biggest Buried Secret Of Mahabharata

The Mahabharata Has Been The Greatest War Of The World

There are many types of mysteries and stories associated with this Mahasangram. Scientists and researchers are still unable to find out about the secrets related to Mahabharata which is called Mahasangram. The war of Mahabharata was done on the land of Kurukshetra, and the blood of hundreds of thousands of heroes was shed in this war. That is why it is said that the color of the Kurukshetra soil is still red.

# Apart from this, another mystery is associated with the Mahabharata war, only a small number of people know about it. Have you ever wondered where the dead bodies of the brave soldiers who were killed during the Mahabharata gone? So let us know the answer:

The bodies of warriors killed in Kurukshetra could not be found because they were not abused even with dead bodies in that era. The war was stopped after the day was over, and the bodies of those who were lying on the ground were handed over to their family. After the funeral of these dead bodies only the ashes would be saved. It is also believed that on the day when Pitamah Bhisma had breathed his last, the land of Kurukshetra was burnt. This was done so that every warrior killed in the war could get place in heaven and their dead bodies would be purified.


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