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Love Your Body Like This Mother

Love Your Body Like This Mother

Pregnancy brings a lot of changes in the life of a woman. Every woman has to dealt with some expected and some unexpected changes in her life. But there is a woman who has got something quite unexpected during her maternity period.

She is Stephanie Bruce, a professional runner who got second time pregnant after 15 months of her first child.

But, Bruce shockingly found a deep cavity which was formed right around her belly button.

Bruce delivered her baby in year last year, following with a medical condition which causes abdominal muscles to separate during pregnancy to give the baby enough room to grow. Later she was diagnosed with diastasis recti.

Bruce unlike others chose not to hide it from the world and is flaunting her body to inspire others not to ashamed of their body.

Watch the video to know more about her inspirational story.

The way how Bruce has accepted her body is just commendable and she deserves a lot of respect.