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The Doll Of Annabelle Is Really Exists

The Doll Of Annabelle Is Really Exists

There are many people who like watching Horror Movies. Although they get scared to watch such type of movies. But still they watch horror movies. There are also many such horror movies which are based on the real story.

Yes, as we are talking today, the Annabelle Creation movie which is based on the life of a doll. But no one knows the truth about that doll. Actually, this doll is not a story made by mind in a movie but a real doll.

Yes According to reports, such doll is in real which was brought by a mother on the occasion of her daughter's birthday in 1970, it is the wings rail had bought the birthday of his daughter. But after sometime, it was found that the doll walks by itself.

After that the doll was thrown away from home. And now that doll is kept in the Warren Occult Museum in a glass box.