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Travel tattoos for Passionate travellers

Travel tattoos for Passionate travellers

If traveling is your passion then you must want to ink some amazing travel tattoo on your body.   If you are well versed with the word ‘travelstoked’ and are ready to take your travel love a notch higher, really it is time to get inked with a travel tattoo.  Yes, it is the time that you should put all your fear aside for needle. To ease up your search for a perfect travel tattoo, I am sharing some of my absolute favorites, right from the basic, clean and minimal designs to tattoos that are a burst of color for the wanderer in you. I think it is time to get inked perhaps!


Flower Tattoos Desgine

What better than a mix of travel and nature in this plane design, overlaid with flowers in its core.

Compass Tattoos Desgine

If you love to explore jungle and want to travel some hidden and less popular places than you should have compass because a compass can take you where your heart, or home is.

Tattoos for Ocean Lovers

Ocean tattoos show your love to explore the whole world no matter how far it is. This beautiful tattoo truly reflects the spirit of true traveller.

Tattoos For Window Seat Lovers

I totally agree with this, actually always want to grab the window seat either it’s a flight window, car window or train window. Window seat gives you the opportunity to see beautiful scenic panoramic views.