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Try this innovative type of workout and burn 400 calories in 20 minutes!

Try this innovative type of workout and burn 400 calories in 20 minutes!

If you are a fitness freak but don’t have time to visit gym then don’t worry we have some effective and pocket-friendly gym types of equipment which will burn your fat, not your pocket. We have seen many celebrities flipping tyres in videos and our guess is that you mistook them for a stunt. However, tyre workout is a great form of workout to build strength, condition your body and losing weight effectively. This workout may be old, but that's all the more a reason it deserves attention as it is a very effective exercise for strength building. Tyre workout may look super easy but actually requires muscular strength. All you need is a large tyre. You can get a bus tyre or even a car tyre. According to experts, beginning with a car tyre is better to avoid any sudden injury

Flip the Tyre

All you need to do is flip the tyre around. There are various places which provide spaces for doing the same. Since you need to be flipping the tyre around, you need an empty space. You can even use the park in front of your house to perform this exercise.

Tie a Rope

Another way of doing this workout is by tying a rope to this tyre and using your strength to drag the tyre around. It is necessary to do a warm-up before you begin this workout to avoid any injury. Since this workout primarily involves a lot of strength, make sure to stop whenever you feel any extreme pain in your body. Talking to an expert before starting this is also recommended.

Warm Up

Warm-up can also include hopping over the tyre to get your metabolism going before you begin your workout.

How this workout helps in losing weight

You may have read various articles about how a combination of weight, strength and cardio training can help you lose weight effectively. Tyre workout is the perfect blend of these three.

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