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These Lesbian Cos-players' Marriage is Straight Out of a Fairly-tale!

These Lesbian Cos-players' Marriage is Straight Out of a Fairly-tale!

Carina and Soerine, these cosplayers from Denmark are immensely in love with each other. This lesbo couple got togeather to tie the knot for a lifetime and the marriage turned out to be a dream!

Their wedding was nothing less than a fairy tail. They both looked so good togeather and every photograph of their wedding album turned out to be something as perfect as it would have been stolen from a dreamy land. Don't you think we need a fairytale like theirs?? 

They both got togeather in July, their wedding album was followed by Bored Panda, it got widely viral and has already been viewed around 800000 times. The two lovers got engaged in Disneyland and to celebrate the happiness of being togeather they went to Japan where cosplayers are particularly very popular.

The 2 cosplayers

The goegeous couple got togeather in last july

Earlier they have cosplayed Supergirl and Powergirl, Harry Potter characters, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Sailor Moon. Now these Cosplays are famous worldwide and involve people dressing up and portraying their favorite fictional sci-fi, comic book or anime character. These cosplayers are really loved by people as they got widely viral on the social platforms!

Carina and Soerine

They frequently change their way of dressing but the love they both share never changes

The 2 lesbian cosplayers

They both share a great chemistry!

The real look of the cosplayers

At the left Carina and at the right Soerine