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Tangy Nimbu Paani can be your tasty weight loss drink!

Tangy Nimbu Paani can be your tasty weight loss drink!

Let’s make your weight loss journey hassle-free, a tasty and healthy drink makes it more easy and fun. If the process seems impossible to you, chances are you will leave it sooner or later. Therefore, it is important to consider recipes which ensure a smooth weight loss journey for you. One of them is our beloved nimbu paani!

First of all why we should have Nimbu Paani

We are well aware of the numerous benefits of nimbu paani. From being a thirst quencher to a light drink in a restaurant, nimbu paani serves the purpose of many drinks in one. For the weight watchers, this is one healthy drink they should add to their everyday list. You can have nimbu paani during your snack time. A 250-300 ml glass of nimbu paani every day is good enough for your weight loss. Do not overdo anything. Stick to one teaspoon of sugar, one pinch of salt, juice of one lemon, and 250 ml of water. You can add ingredients like saffron, kokum, or even mint leaves to experiment.

Necessary ingredients

Nimbu paani contains 4 essential ingredients: water, salt, sugar and fresh lemon juice. While the health benefits of these four ingredients are countless separately, combined they form a powerful drink to help your body detoxify in an efficient manner.

Lemon juice

lemon juice in nimbu paani will help break down the waste in our digestive tract. Usually, on weight loss diets the main issue with many dieters is constipation. Lemon juice will help counter this situation. Other than this, lemons are great sources of vitamins and minerals and will ensure that your immunity is not affected despite being on a weight loss regime.

Salt and sugar

The salt and sugar present in nimbu paani will help you increase your metabolism and keep the potassium and sodium levels in your body in check. Another major drawback of most diets is nutrient deficiency and consequent loss of energy. Drinking nimbu paani will help counter this hindrance as well.