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Get to know more about the Gala Festival of Punjab: Lohri 2018

Get to know more about the Gala Festival of Punjab: Lohri 2018

The much loved, Gala and happening festival Lohri is around the corner. So what’s the best part of the colorful celebration? Dancing around the bonfire on dhol beats, clad in colorful traditional attire, singing folk songs together with friends and family and overfilling your tummy with exclusive Lohri sweets! People toss sesame seeds, peanuts, and popcorn in the fire and pay their respect to fire god and nature. With so many colors and fun surrounding the festival, it is celebrated with much enthusiasm and fervor in the state of Punjab. The festival also marks the end of chilly winters and people celebrate the onset of warm summers and farming season. In this article, you will get to know about the festival like when we celebrate this festival, custom, culture, rituals, and lohari songs.


13th January Lohari celebration Day

This year, Lohri will be celebrated on 13th January, 2018, which is a Saturday. So you can celebrate throughout the night without any worries and sleep the entire next day.

Customs and traditions

There are several customs and traditions surrounding the Lohri festival. People in the North India, mostly in Punjab and Haryana celebrate the festival, which also signifies harvesting of crops. The harvested fields are used as bonfires around which people meet and greet friends and family.

Ceremony involved

Bonfire is the most important ritual of the festival and the other one is kite flying. This particular ritual is extremely popular and draws a lot of attention. The locals and villagers specially get dressed in their traditional attire for the kite flying ritual. Women look extremely pretty all draped in kurtas, lehengas and vibrant dupattas while men can be seen all clad in bright kurtas, dhotis and pagdis. It is said that the kite flying is performed to bathe in the morning sun. Moreover, it is also considered a way of thanking sun and nature to help in farming.

Some most Popular Lohri songs

Lohri (Asa Nu Maan Watna Da): Jaspinder Narula and Harbhajan Mann have sung this beautiful Punjabi song and it is indeed a treat for sore ears. Balle Balle (Mel Karade Rabba): This lovely song features Jimmy Sheirgill and Neeru Bajwa and is a dance number for the newlyweds. Lodi (Veer Zaara): It’s a treat to watch Shahrukh Khan and Preity Zinta all clad in vibrant Punjabi traditional dress and dancing around bonfire in this song.

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