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Make a multi-sensory room for your Love Nest

Make a multi-sensory room for your Love Nest

Home decor field with immense creativity and styling. We all want to decor our hose in a unique way.  But let me tell you that decor isn't only about doing up your home to make it look interesting, it is also about creating a space for yourself where you like to spend the most of your time. It could either be relaxing by yourself or with your loved one. And that is why is it necessary to have that one corner in your house where you can leave all your worries behind. This is why you need to create a multi-sensory room yourself, which is devoid of any gadgets or outside disturbances. In this article we will tell you how to use the most simple things can turn around your space.

Incorporate earthy hues in your living room

Take inspiration from houses in the English countryside. Incorporate a lot of greens, teals and other organic colours in your living room. You can either havwallpapers in your living room in these colours or have upholstery in these shades.

Infuse your bedroom with nature scents

You mostly end up spending maximum time lazying around in your bedroom. This is also one place where you find calm during troubled times. Thus, it makes sense to transform this room into a space where you can just let go of yourself. And the best way to do the same is by infusing nature scents which will work on your senses when you retire for the night.

Decorate your balcony or sitting area with plants

Another space where you spend most of your time is either the balcony or one corner of your living room where you sit and have your cuppa coffee in the morning or evenings. Apart from throwing in cushions of various sizes and colours, you must also decorate this space with indoor plants which will make you feel happy when you sit out there. You can also attach wallhung planters to your windows or balcony railings to attract birds. Or you can also try creating a living picture of plants to lend the same impact.

Create your own space using tactile illusions

Ball pits and tunnels are very popular in multi-sensory environments. However, houses in the city don't allow you to have such spaces. So, you can do with bean bags and other foldable furniture which offer similar experiences. Differently textured objects are also great to have, such as feathers, sand, and moldable substances like silly putty. You can also have contrasting fabrics used in your bedroom to lend a similar effect.

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