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6 Scientific Lies That We Believe As The Truth

6 Scientific Lies That We Believe As The Truth

It is said that science is behind all things and events that are around us and happens around us. But it is not necessary that science is correct every time. Science has told us many such things which are not true but a clear lie and we have not known how many years have been known to be the truth of these lies of science.

Today we are going to tell you some of these science lies.

Myth: Even after death, our hairs and nails grow?

Truth: From year to year, it is believed that even after death, the nails and hair of the dead body continue to grow. It is believed that even after death, the numerical cells in our body help nails and hair to grow. While this thing is completely false. Only after the death of a person in the dungeon, the Mosaic Cell in the body starts to be decomposed. So the question of growing nails and hair does not arise.

Myth: Is it necessary to drink 8 glasses of water everyday?

Truth: Doctors suggests to drink 8 glasses of water everyday. But it is not necessary, drinking water is always beneficial for our body. Drinking water removes many problems. But our body takes fluid also from the food that we eat. Apart from this, we also drink tea, coffee, and so on. This fulfill the need of water also.

Myth: Lightening doesn't fall again at one place?

Truth: This belief is also a lie. When the scientists were examined deeply, they found that the electricity could fall more than one occasion at one place.

Myth: Chewing gum takes 7 years to digest?

Truth: In our childhood, the elderly people explained that chewing gum should be eaten carefully, because if it went wrong in our stomach, it would take more than 7 years to be digested. But the truth is if the chewing gum accidentally goes into our stomach, then it gets out of our body the next day. It does not take 7 years to digest.