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Two Must visit nightclubs in Mumbai

Two Must visit nightclubs in Mumbai

The city of dreams Mumbai is bursting with numerous nightclubs and bars and pubs. Mumbai people love to party. Some of the best clubs are located in the city's top hotels, but you can also find several exciting stand-alone venues as well. For instance, Colaba's Prive is expensive but extremely popular with college kids and young professionals. With gorgeous sea views, thumping music and a huge dance floor, Trilogy in Hotel Sea Princess is perfect for heavy dancing and celebrity-spotting. In contrast, old school Polly Esther's in Gordon House Hotel is quieter and more retro, but a great spot for relaxing with friends.


Polly's can be pretty quiet on weekdays. If you prefer to mingle with a bit of a crowd, head here on Saturday night. This retro-inspired club (complete with Michael Jackson posters on the walls) may not be the coolest after-dark spot in town, but that's OK. Spinning 70s and 80s tunes peppered with Bollywood hits, Polly Esther's is more about having a good time than being a scenester. The crowd at Polly's runs the gamut from college kids to 40 to 50-somethings simply looking to blow off some steam and have a good time without the pretense. Track down the floating photographer and get your polaroid snapped for INR 100.


If you feel like going all out, reserve one of the VIP tables complete with its own butler. Privé makes use of its velvet rope, so dress to impress. Guys, find a lady to escort in or you'll be waiting a while. You can expect to drop at least INR 4000 on a night out at a Mumbai club, and gloomy-chic Privé is no exception; the price of a soda water alone could feed one of Mumbai's less fortunate residents for a week. Having opened up its doors to non-members a few years back, Privé is popular with college club kids and young professionals - expect plenty of short skirts, sequins and champagne. If its not quite your scene, check out the interconnected Tetsuma. It's a little more casual and open just as late.

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