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Viral 'Shweta your mic is on' Is Now A Hit Song

Viral 'Shweta your mic is on' Is Now A Hit Song

#Shweta has been trending on the Twitter for few days. The  young woman is trending on social media after she forgot to switch off her mic during a group call and all the members have listened her gossip with friend Radhika. Her collugues  were heard repeatedly asking her to turn her mic off in a leaked video that went massively viral online.



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Thousands of memes, jokes  were made after this incident. the Shweta saga has now served as inspiration for a hit song too. 
Musician Mayur Jumani turned snippets from the viral call into a song by setting it to a catchy tune. One of the most-heard dialogues during the call - "Shweta your mic is on" - becomes the refrain in this hilarious composition. 
"So many requests for this since yesterday had to do it," wrote Mr Jumani while sharing the song on Friday.