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What has happened with school students will shock you!

What has happened with school students will shock you!

People not only in India but all over the world try to make their marriage memorable. Some spend a huge amount of money, while some try to tie the knot in an unusual manner so that they can be remembered.

The same story recently comes in limelight. In Sri Lanka, a woman is in discussions because of her grand wedding and the amazing length of her Saree. This sari was so long that over two hundred children of a school had to work hard to hold it only.


Guys! Don't Get Shocked, It Is The True Story 

According to a report, 250 children of a school run by the state government were used for this purpose. The length of this saree was surprisingly 3.2 kilometers long. If it is not enough then, it has also been seen that 100 students had to be flower girls in this weird marriage. This school has been named after the Provincial Chief Minister Sarath Ekanayak who was present as the special guest during this marriage.The National Child Protection Authority is taking this matter seriously. NCPA Chairman Marini de Livera said that we are scrutinizing the issue because we do not want to see this move as a trend in the country. What he did was against the human rights of children. 

Keeping children away from education, cheating of their safety is a crime. Marini said that during the school hours children involved in such work are against the law and the culprits can be punished for 10 years in this case.


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