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5 Magical make-up tricks for a Perfect Model face

5 Magical make-up tricks for a Perfect Model face

We all want to look like a model. Those proper jawlines and perfect contour is every girl dream. I think all of you would agree that there’s something attractive about girls with chubby cheeks, but then girls are seldom satisfied with the way they look, aren’t they? And, if you are one of those girls whose sick of hearing how cute you look, thanks to your rounded cheeks, it’s time to turn the table and change the way you look. Yes, you read that right, wearing the right kind of makeup can make your face look thinner than it actually is and here are 7 makeup hacks that will make your round face seem thin.


One can achieve miraculous looks with make-up and contouring is one such way of absolutely changing the way you look. Contouring is basically enhancing the best feature of the face and in case of chubby cheeks, contouring helps in taking all the attention away from them and highlighting other features of the face. You will need three shades of foundation - one that matches your skin tone and the other that is slightly darker than your skin tone and one that is a shade lighter than your skin tone. First blend the foundation that matches your skin tone all through your face. Now, locate your cheekbone and apply a layer of darker foundation across the middle of your cheeks all the way to your ears. Once you are done applying the darker foundation, blend it using a make-up sponge. Now, pick up the lighter foundation and apply it on your nose, along with some dark foundation on the sides - blend the two. This will make your nose look sharper and your face slimmer.


While the emphasis must be on the contouring part of it, one should not forget to apply some blush as along with proving a natural flush to the skin, the blush also hides the chubbiness of the cheeks and makes them look thinner than before. Opt for dark blushes like bronze or peachy for best results.


Consider bronzer to be your best friend if you have chubby cheeks. Using a bronzer post contouring and you will be amazed at the result. Apply bronzer on the hollow of your cheeks and around your jaw line for a well defined look. Now, blend it all across the face to create a seamless look.

Eye shadow

When your eyes become the focal point of your face, the attention will obviously leave your cheeks. Choose darker shades of eye shadow like browns and blues to enhance your eyes. You must shape and fill in your eyebrows. Angled brows highlight and draw attention to your eyes. They also make your face look longer.

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