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5 Surprising And Dark Secrets Of America

5 Surprising And Dark Secrets Of America

America is counted among the world's most powerful and modern countries. The living standard of the people here is also quite high. But there are many such Dark Secret here, you will be surprised after knowing. Today we are going to tell you about such 5 dark secrets of America.

# You might be surprised to know that in almost all the US states, the purchase of tobacco products by the children has been banned. But it is a shocking thing that children in the US can take tobacco products.

# Most people in America suffer from obesity. 75 percent of men are considered overweight.

# In 1964, 10 percent of the children in the US were living in poor homes. Now this percentage has gone up to 30 percent.

# Every year approximately 1360 kg of food waste is thrown from the American supermarket.

# In the last few years, the number of people killed by the police has increased significantly. In 2014 this figure was 1100 people.