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7 Engrossing Facts About India-Pakistan Partition That Only Few Know

7 Engrossing Facts About India-Pakistan Partition That Only Few Know

Before 1947, both India and Pakistan were the same countries i.e. India. But India was partitioned and it has become two separate countries. Today the situation is such that it is not only a different country, but it is also politically both the enemies of each other. Today, we have come here with some of the fact that you have not heard so far from the time of partition.

So let us know that India is divided into Pakistan and its affiliated facts -

1. Firstly, partition of India was to be held in 1948, but due to changes in the British Government, it was altered and only a year ago i.e., in 1947, these two became separate countries.

2. The most important in the partition of India and Pakistan was to determine the boundaries of both the countries and this work was given to Cyril Radcliff. But you will be stunned to know that he did not have much information about India because he had come to India a few days ago and on the basis of only geographical information, India was divided, caste and religion were not considered as base.

3. According to the Indian government, about 14 million people were sent from India to Pakistan, it was the largest displacement so far in history.

4. Have you ever wondered why Pakistan's independence day is August 14 and India's August 15? Actually this happened because Lord Mountbatten wanted to be present in the two countries' independence, because of this it was done.


5. When India got independence, Gandhiji was not in Delhi at that time because caste riots broke out in Calcutta, so he had to go there.

6. We know that India got independence on August 15 and Pakistan on August 14th. But the border between the two countries was determined on 17th August.

7. Astrological help was also taken to determine the date of India's independence on August 15.