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Here is your Today's Dose of Cuteness: Dogs And Kiddos The Best Pals Ever!

Here is your Today's Dose of Cuteness: Dogs And Kiddos The Best Pals Ever!

Dogs and children make a great pair together actually, they are the best playmate ever!

Dog chases you the whole day, roams around in the house, sometimes even annoys its owners however yet they are the cutest fluffiest thing who loves his owner the most. Besides being the cutest thing on the earth some dogs are even the best babysitter one could have!

Dogs and children are great at acquiring things from others. Do you know? Children learn from their parents and dogs also copy what their owners do thus together they just make the perfect match. Children and dogs together is an assured blend of humor and mischief!

Trust, honesty, compassion and sharing are all vital ingredients of friendship and the bond shared between babies and dogs boast every ingredient to make their friendship the purest on earth.  

Those toddlers and dogs who are brought up together share a special kind of bond since birth and the two even have a lot of fun together throughout their childhood. The love, attachment and passion these two shares to be together is something difficult to be described in words. Thus, here we have some pictures overloaded with cuteness depicting the special bond shared between babies and their pet dogs...

dog and a baby

Let us Chill!

sight scening

They are Enjoying the View Together!


Honey Bunnies!! Can I also Join these Guys?


Let's Go For A Walk Big Buddy!