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Energise your Morning with these teas

Energise your Morning with these teas

Tea is the integral part of our life.  Many of us stat our day with tea. There are numerous Varity of tea in market. Before we read the variety of tea we should know about the tea. Actually all tea is produced from a plant called Camellia sinensis. There are thousands of varieties of tea available across the world, basis a) the region it was grown in b) the time of year it was picked and c) the processing method followed. 


White tea is the purest and least processed of all teas. White tea has a light colour and flavour and is appreciated by tea connoisseurs for its unmatched subtlety, natural sweetness and delicacy.


Green tea is the most popular type of tea and is the favourite choice amongst Asians. Some loose green teas are scented with flowers or mixed with fruits to create scented or flavoured teas. Straight green tea has a clean and delicious taste.


Oolong tea, (pronounced as wu long tea), is most commonly recognised as Chinese tea served at a Chinese restaurant.


Black tea is what most of us have grown up drinking. Full-bodied and strong, black tea tastes great alone or can be had with milk and sugar. And it makes great iced tea.