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Find out what we should never do, During Navratri

Find out what we should never do, During Navratri

Thing: Which you should Not do in Navratri !!

Navratri is a festival which is enjoyed by everyone in this country. All the roads will look beautiful through different avatars of Goddess Durga. Navratri is a festival full of lights, sweets, fasts, and Garba. There are all total nine avatars of Goddess Durga which represent nine days of Navratri.

In this festival, the avatar of Durga in Kali and Shakti represents female power and emancipation. It a festival which most everyone knows and also understands what exactly has to be done in these nine days, but today we will tell you some important things which you should avoid during these nine days of Navratri.

Hair cut:

Idyllically, We should avoid hair cut, Shaving  in these days. Most important we do not organize a mundan ceremony for your child in this period.


According to hindu mythology we should keep kalas in our home. If you brunt akhand jyoti then make sure it should not burnt out. Someone should be in the house all the time.

Veg Food:

We all know that that one should not eat garlic, ginger and even onions during this period, apart from completely abstaining from non veg food and alcohol.


You can sleep in night but try to avoid sleeping in the afternoon during this time. People who are fasting they should strictly follow this rule.