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Follow this simple bedtime beauty routine for glowing skin

Follow this simple bedtime beauty routine for glowing skin

Now a days dust, pollution, harsh sun, and even stress, damage your skin. Your skin needs a great amount of TLC to overcome the trauma it has faced during the day. Not taking proper care of your skin can cause significant damage to it, and lead to premature ageing, which will result in early wrinkles, fine lines and a dull complexion.

However, it is not tough and time-consuming to avoid this situation. All you need to do is to follow a disciplined bedtime beauty routine to reverse the damage your skin has gone through during the day.  While you sleep, your skin gets into repair mode, and with a little help, can get the required hydration and moisturisation. All you need is a few minutes and these simple steps.

Remove Your Makeup

Irrespective of your busy schedule or whether you are tired, you must take time out to remove your makeup before going to bed. When you are sleeping at night, your skin repairs itself and the pores on the skin open up. But when there is a layer of makeup on your face, the pores get clogged. This results in spots, uneven skin tone and even acne breakouts. Best product to remove makeup is Jojoba oil.

Light Soap Of Face Fash

Use a light soap to wash your face. This will remove dead dry cells from your skin, and will cleanse clogged pores and impurities from the skin.

Face Oil

Apply a face oil, like Grape Seed Oil, which works as an acne-pimple controller and skin moisturiser to hydrate and soften the skin. The oil tones and exfoliates your skin, and helps get rid of under-eye circles.

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