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Gandhiji Naked Ambition: Gandhiji Regretted To Have Sex With Kasturba

Gandhiji Naked Ambition: Gandhiji Regretted To Have Sex With Kasturba

Mahatma Gandhi has been given the status of Father of the Nation in our country.

Mahatma Gandhi, who has given freedom to the country following the path of Ahinsa, on his life several books have been written and films have also been made on his life. But a book written on it made a mess. In the year 2010, a book Gandhi Naked Ambition created a panic due to its title.

Many disclosures have been made about Gandhi's life in this book. The author can tell how accurate this is and how wrong it is. Jade Adamus, the author of the Gandhi Naked Ambition book, said that Gandhiji's sex life was very upsetting.

About The book:

While writing about Gandhiji in his book, he wrote that Gandhi was not just a political leader but in the struggle of freedom he was also a spiritual leader who was pursuing the path of non-violence through satyagraha. In his book, he also wrote about Gandhi that he used to take bare baths with many women. Not only this, Gandhi also used to get the nude massage from women. Gandhi's purpose behind this was to test the perseverance and tolerance.

About Kasturba Gandhi:

Several revelations have also been made about his wife Kasturba. According to the Gandhi Naked Ambition book, Gandhiji has been regretting all the time about sex once performed with Kasturba. In 1885, Gandhi had sex with his wife when his father-in-law has died. Gandhiji could never forget this physical connection made with his wife. 

This book is available on Flipkart.


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