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Home remedies for bad breath

Home remedies for bad breath

Many of us suffer from bad breath. Accept it could be the most embarrassing situation one could face. It is considered as socially unacceptable, which could take a toll on your confidence and personality!Medically referred to as halitosis, the main reason for bad breath is poor oral health. The food choices that you make and leading an unhealthy lifestyle are some other reasons for smelly breath. These not only lead to bad breath but also make you prone to other diseases.
Choosing the right food is necessary to help you get rid of bad breath. There are foods that have a strong odor, such as onions and garlic. These foods are important for your health and until they pass through the body, merely brushing or using mouthwash could only cover their pungent aroma. Read The full article and find out how to fight with Bad breath.


Fennel seeds

There are certain home treatments that help you fight bad breath. One of which is using herbs like fennel, which is also called as breath sweetener. If you feel your breath smelly, chew some fennel seeds and instantly freshen up your breath.

Green plants

Eating fresh sprig of mint, basil or parsley can also help in neutralizing odours.

Lemon or orange peel

This home remedy effectively helps you get rid of bad breath. After washing the peel thoroughly, chew it for some time. The citric content in these rinds fight bad breath and helps in stimulating salivary glands.

Cloves and aniseeds

Cloves and aniseeds contain antiseptic qualities which fights bacteria that cause smelly breath.