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How The Curse Of Kohinoor Destroyed All Its Proprietor

How The Curse Of Kohinoor Destroyed All Its Proprietor

"Cursed Kohinoor Of India"

Kohinoor, one of India's most precious gems, was taken by British. It is said that Lord Krishna himself had taken this gem from Jamandwant.

It is said that the dynasty of many kings had ended with the glory of Kohinoor. It is believed that this diamond is cursed and that too from the 13th century. This diamond was recognized in 1306 when a person wearing it had written that this diamond is cursed and whoever wore it will rule the world, but his misfortune will also start.

So let us know that the cursed Kohinoor of India:

Kakatiya Dynasty:

In the 14th century this diamond was under the Kakatiya dynasty and with this 1083 started the bad days of Kakatiya descent. During the war in 1323, the Kakatiya dynasty came to an end.

Mughal Sultanate:

After the Kakatiya dynasty, Kohinoor diamond stayed with Muhammad bin Tughlaq from 1325 to 1351 and stayed with many kings during the 16th century but all the kings of Mughal Sultanate end tragically because of this Kohinoor. Shah Jahan had installed Kohinoor in his Peacock Throne, but only after that the sorrow captured the dynasty.

Death of Nadir Shah: In 1739, Persian ruler Nadir Shah attacked the Mughals and captured Kohinoor. Nadir had taken Kohinoor along with him to Persia. He had named this diamond Kohinoor. Nadir Shah was assassinated in 1747.

Kohinoor returns to India: On returning to India, Kohinoor remained with several kings and became the cause of their death.

End of British Empire: By the 1850s Britain was ruling more than half the world, but after taking Kohinoor, all the countries subordinated to it were liberated.


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