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Japanese Zoo Has Killed 57 Snow Monkeys Saying They Carried Alien Genes!

Japanese Zoo Has Killed 57 Snow Monkeys Saying They Carried Alien Genes!

Humans the cruelest creatures, killed 57 snow monkeys in a Japanese zoo using lethal injection. As they were recognized as "invasive alien species."

In Japan "Invasive alien species" refers to the monkeys being crossbred with rhesus macaque—another species of monkey.

Well, which means if the monkeys breed with another species of monkeys (Rhesus Macaque) which is banned in there, then they have no right to live in the name of “protect the indigenous environment”!

Snow Monkeys

As soon as the news came out on social media it got widely viral. According to BBC, “the rhesus macaque is banned under Japanese law since they are labeled as invasive species and can threaten Japan's natural environment. The fear is that if the invasive monkeys were to escape, they would reproduce in the wild and create an uncontrolled community.”

Rhesus Macaque

They get mixed in with indigenous animals and threaten the natural environment and ecosystem, says Junkichi Mima, a spokesman for WWF Japan.

Snow Monkeys killed

Yes, this sounds ridiculous but the officials told the Japan Times that this is the cause why the monkeys had to be killed to protect the indigenous environment. It is also said that the zoo also created a memorial service for the dead monkeys to appease their souls, near a Buddhist temple (such a waste showoff).

Snow Monkey

From the Office for Alien Species Management the ministry official called the incident unavoidable. Authorities told the Japan Times that, Keeping a government-designated invasive alien species is unlawful, if one cannot look after them in an absolutely secure facility in which an animal can never escape from,