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Best Indian Cities To Travel For Food Amateurs

Best Indian Cities To Travel For Food Amateurs

Hindustani people are very fond of eating. Especially road side food has its own pleasure. Some people are also those who travel in other cities only to tastes different food.

So today we are telling you about the amateurs of some special dishes of some cities that will bring water to your mouth.

For food amateurs:

1 - Kolkata:

Kolkata is quite famous for Golgappa, Biryani and Chicken Rolls. There is no other city better than Kolkata in terms of rolls. So if you ever go to Kolkata, then try the taste of rolls.

2 - Lucknow:

This city of Nawabs is famous for its Awadh cuisine. Here you will find very lively Paratha, Burra, Tunde, Golgagpa and the wonderful Biryani.

3 - Hyderabad:

You can enjoy Turkish, Arabica and Mughlai food in Hyderabad. Also Hyderabadi Biryani, Bhiyani of raw goose and Karachi biscuit are enough to bring water to your mouth.

4 - Mumbai:

The cheapest and best flavor is available for you in Mumbai. Also, this place is famous for Maratha cuisine and Parsi food. Apart from this Nalli Nihari, Boat Kabab and Pani Puri are the favorites of everyone.